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Dear visitors!

On this page you can order a tour.

Send a letter with the following data:

1. Name.

2. Name of the hotel and the city (eg, Sonesta Taba).

3. Date of arrival and Date of departure (eg, 01/01/09 - 14/01/09).

4. Date of excursions (eg, 06/01/09) .

5. Number of adults / children under 12 years (eg, 2 adults / 1 child 9 years)

6. Your Telephone number.

When you are accommodat to the hotel, please confirm your reservation by SMS to this number +20166924798, for example, which read: "we're here. Sonesta Hotel, Room 2334, Your Name." Our representative will contact you himself.

Sincerely, the company "of the Lost Land"

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